chauffeur driver
Drivers are the front line employees of our non-medical transportation company, and they certainly are in an ideal position to create a positive or negative experience for the customer. Drivers usually provide our clients with their first and last impressions of us. This Medical Transportation in Raleigh gives you a list of qualities that our drivers are sure to have.

    1. A desire to contribute to the successful outcome of the client’s healing process.Passion can manifest itself in many different ways. Our drivers have the passion to go over and beyond their limits to ensure our clients get the quality service they need from pick-up, while on the road and when we drop you off to your destinations.
    2. Highly customer service focused.The patient/client is our number one priority. We encourage our drivers to communicate clearly and concisely which is important for patients. They also need to understand the needs of a patient.
    3. Punctual, reliable and efficient.Being punctual is also being on time. That means we have to get our clients from their pick up place on or before time and make sure they arrive to their destination on time too. You can rely on our drivers to do what they need to do for the satisfaction of our clients.
    4. Works well independently, and as a team member.It is the responsibility of drivers to do their tasks professionally. They should adhere to the guidelines set by the company and get along with other workers. Being a good team member is crucial to the success of their work. They are positive thinkers, proactive and supportive who have a good work ethics.
    5. Impeccable driving record and safety awareness.When you and your loved ones have a scheduled medical appointment, Wisdom Care Transportation is here to take you to your destination safe and sound. A good driver knows what leads to accidents and is therefore more aware of how to avoid or minimize these risks. They know how to recognize and react to potential situations before they happen in the interest of not only your safety, but also to other road users.


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