two elderly people talking
Did you happen to lose the functionality of your legs or your ability to get around? Are you a senior citizen and you found it challenging to get to where you need to be? You no longer have to stress out about transportation ever again!

With the help of Wisdom Care Transportation you can get anywhere you need to be without any problems! Wisdom Care Transportation can take you to all of your doctor’s appointments on time, we can take you to a treatment center for your routine treatments, and we can even take you to family get-togethers as well! Even if you are bound to a bed or a wheelchair, we have specialized vehicles that can transport you easily. With us helping you, you have nothing to worry about.

Our Transportation Services

Our main goal is to give you back your independence and your confidence of getting around town. It can be depressing when you are not able to drive your own car or get around on your own, but our mission is to help you regain that independence by providing you the assistance you need to get wherever you have to go. It does not matter if you need to go for a long trip all over town or if you just need a short ride to your clinic for an appointment. We can do it for you!

Many people can find transportation tricky when they are in a wheelchair, because they are not able to board trains easily, buses, or even cars. This is why we have specialized vehicles built specifically for people in wheelchairs. We have hydraulic lifts that can lift you up in your wheelchair straight into the van! All you have to do is sit back and relax. If you are bound to a bed, then transportation may seem like it is impossible. However, we also have vehicles for that as well. These vehicles are traditional ambulances and with the help of our professional staff, we can easily get you into these vans. It has never been easier to get around town and as a matter of fact, it might be easier with our help than it has ever been even before you were disabled!

Depending on the condition you have and the location you have to be at. We will tailor make your transportation experience. We will choose the right vehicle and the proper mode of transportation that will suit the kind of medical condition you have, to make the journey as comfortable as possible. When you are under our care, you will be treated like a VIP! We will go straight to your front door, just like a high class limo service and provide you with the best car ride you have ever had in your life.

We are here for you and our mission to make your life easier, so do not hesitate to use our services!


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